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Electrostatic fogging

We use ultra low volume (ULV) electrostatic fogging to push a very fine disinfectant fog into areas that need treatment.  We have a choice of disinfectants to suit a variety of situations and preferences.

We service all types of properties: medical, commercial, residential, even vehicles.

COVID-19 Disinfection Services Massachusetts
These nurses know that the Halo Fogger helps save lives. (This photo was taken before COVID-19)

Whole room disinfectant fogging using the Sanosil Halo Fogger and Sanosil Halomist solution

For those who want a truly medical-grade disinfection, we offer a premium option for fogging services with the Sanosil Halo whole-room fogging system, the same used by numerous hospitals to keep their patients and staff safe.

We seal the treatment room and the Halo fogger fills the entire room with a very fine dry mist, finer than even electrostatic foggers, that reaches into every nook, crevice and corner that other methods don’t.  After a dwell time, we re-open the room and it is typically safe to re-occupy within a few hours.

The EPA has added Halomist™ to its List N of approved disinfectants for use against Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19: one of only three fog/mist solutions to earn that designation (3/19/20) and is approved for whole-room disinfection.

It is also the first ever EPA-validated disinfectant fogging solution proven to kill 99.9999% of C. diff spores.

And since hydrogen peroxide is just H2O2, it decomposes into water and oxygen in a short time, leaving only a negligible amount of silver many hundreds of times smaller than safety levels.

We also offer fogging with a slightly higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide without silver, which as part of other systems has also been recommended for use against this coronavirus by the EPA.


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Spraying and wiping

We also offer manual disinfectant wiping, either as a stand-alone or as a pre-treatment before fogging.

Halo disinfecting fogger video

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